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Postdoctoral Research Associate, Writing Program
Department of English
University of Arizona
2014 to Present

Lecturer, Technical and Professional Communication
Department of English
Iowa State University
2012 to 2014

Adjunct Faculty
Departments of English & General Education
Greenville Technical College; ITT Tech

Instructor of Record
Departments of English and Communication Studies
Clemson University

Teaching Associate
Department of English
California State University, Long Beach

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Peer Reviewed Webtext
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University of Arizona (2014 to Present)
ENGL 591 (Teaching Preceptorship)
ENGL 101/102 (First Year Composition)
Co-chair, Online Writing Instruction

Iowa State University (2012 to 2014)
ENGL 314 (Technical Communication)
ENGL 302 (Business Communication)

Greenville Technical College (2010-2012)
ENGL 101 (Introduction to College Composition)
ENGL 105 (Edited Academic Writing)
ENGL 102 (Introduction to Literary Analysis)
ENGL 032 (Developmental Grammar)
ENGL 100 (Developmental Writing)
SAT prep; TEAS prep (for nursing students)

ITT Tech (2010)
EG371 (Qualitative Research Methods)
TB332 (Professional Procedures and Portfolio Development)

Clemson University (2006-2010)
ENGL 314 (Technical Writing)
COMM 150 Lab (Introduction to Human Communication)

California State University, Long Beach (2005-2006)
ENGL 100 (Freshman Composition)