Defining and Analyzing Disability in Human Enhancement: A Case for Regulation

I am a contributor and peer reviewer for an anthology entitled¬†Global Issues and Ethical Concerns in Human Enhancement Technologies, awaiting publication in early 2014.¬†My chapter is tentatively titled “Defining and Analyzing Disability in Human Enhancement: A Case for Regulation.” Read the abstract below:

What are some ethical implications regarding advancements in human enhancement technologies (HET) for people with disabilities? This chapter analyzes trends in HET for individuals with disability, as well as build a case for regulation of enhancement technologies for disability.

The need for these technologies will be examined. Theoretically, HETs are intended to offer access and accommodation for those individuals in need of completing certain tasks, but lack the physical or mental ability to do so. Ethical implications of disability enhancement technologies will be explored. To evaluate the ethical implications of regulating enhancement technologies for disability, I will apply medical and social models of disability towards select cases.