“Great class discussion–well-planned, guided discussion questions. It is also telling that students respond to those questions. You have good interaction with the class, and they seem to respond well to you. The class has a good ‘feel’ to it.”

“This fall, Dev began working at the Northwest campus as a writing tutor for several hours on Mondays and Wednesdays. One student from my class who struggles with writing has visited Dev three times this semester to get some assistance with essay planning, research writing, and in-text citations. I asked the student if he felt that he was getting help by going to the Writing Center.¬† He replied strongly that he really did appreciate the help he received and that Dev was an excellent tutor. Dev seems to be able to meet the needs of students at whatever level they are. He encourages them to keep trying, and he gives them solid English skills in a non-threatening environment.”

“His pedagogy for each class included brief tutorials/lectures which covered the basic assignment instructions, strategies for approaching the questions, active reading skills, basic grammar and sentence structure skills, paragraph skills (coherence, unity, relevance, and specific details), critical thinking and essay writing skills. These tutorials would be followed by practice sessions which included solving questions as a class for practice and working individually, then going over answers as a class. Mr. Bose would explain the reasoning behind why certain answers would not be correct and justify correct answers to ensure maximum student understanding.”

“He¬†allows revision of some assignments. This allows students to take his comments and work them into the paper. I usually hate in-class group work, but by doing this it really made the class get to know each other. This made the classroom feel more laid back and comfortable. I also hate speaking in front of people, but when he called on me I was fine answering any question because I felt comfortable in the classroom and with the people around me. I also liked how he walked around and appeared excited about the material he was teaching. Another strength is that he never made a student feel wrong or stupid. That’s another reason I was fine answering questions because I knew I wouldn’t be embarrassed if it wasn’t the right answer. Dr. Bose would make every answer seem like a good one or that it was understandable and then he’d continue on until he found the correct answer he was looking for. He is also really nice and approachable.”

“I’ve always been a strong writer, but didn’t know the techniques and rules when writing in the workplace. This class helped me to learn the appropriate style and formatting when writing for work. I have already referenced the textbook and skills learned from class at work. This class is filled with practical application. Many times it’s hard to see how skills will transfer to the professional world, but with this class there is no guessing. It is all about preparing students for the work world.”

“He was very passionate about his material. He was very enthusiastic and excited and wanted us to be as enthusiastic and excited. None of us were English majors, let alone enjoyed writing much, so it was difficult to be enthused, but he did keep the class entertaining. Knowing he cared about the students and didn’t want to waste our time or money (he chose an older book and used it in almost every class and referenced it for every assignment so that we definitely got our monies worth) made it easier to want to do the work and do the work well.”