Dev K. Bose, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, University Writing Program, Department of English, University of Arizona 

344 Modern Languages |University of Arizona | Tucson, AZ | bose@email.arizona.edu
http://disabilityrhetoric.com [Site Manager]
http://www.clemson.edu/caah/rcid/people.html#graduates [Grad Student Bio]

Courses I am Teaching
ENGL 591 Teaching Preceptorship
ENGL 101/102 First Year Composition; ENGL 308 Technical Communication; ENGL 340 Special Topics in Professional Communication (Disability and Accessibility in Professional Communication)

Ph.D. Clemson University Rhetorics, Communication and Information Design
M.A. and B.A. CSU Long Beach English

Research Areas
Disability Studies; Multimodal Composition; Professional Writing across the Curriculum

About My Teaching
My instructional approach is based in practical application. A central theme of my teaching philosophy embraces accountability through team-based problem-solving scenarios. Thus, my students learn through a series of group and individual activities based upon genre-based modules. Each module is built towards a final capstone project in which they demonstrate the skills learned in class through interdisciplinary collaboration.

How I Came to Composition 
Communicating in the sciences is my forte as a teacher and scholar of rhetoric and composition, having been raised in a family of engineers, doctors and writers. Having earned my degrees at institutions that focused on interdisciplinary methods with ties to writing center pedagogy, I became interested in the notion that everyone writes differently—that a “right” way of writing simply does not exist. Thus, I became interested in developing composition approaches with an emphasis on individualized writing processes. My dissertation looked at composition styles of adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Recent Publications

Bose, D. (2014). ADHD in the Classroom. Currents in Teaching and Learning. Worcester: Worcester State University, 2014.

Bose, D. (2014). Review of McGrath, Laura, ed. Collaborative Approaches to the Digital in English Studies. Published in Enculturation. Logan, UT: Computers and Composition Digital P/Utah State UP, 2011. Computers and Composition Digital Press. Web.

Bose, D. (2014). Ethics of disability in human enhancement technologies. In Global Issues and Ethical Concerns in Human Enhancement Technologies. Ed. Steven John Thompson. Hershey, PA: Medical Information Science Reference.

Current Research
I am currently working on a book about composing access in digital educational platforms. I have also published in information design and human enhancement technologies. In the past I’ve worked with Sara Schaefer from MTV’s The Nikki and Sara Show and Scott Moran from PBS’s Modern Comedian.

Outside of the University
I play bass guitar. When I’m not jamming on jazz and blues lines, I hike in state parks with my wife and dog. My cat gets to stay at home, though.

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